Economic benefits for companies

There are many reasons to buy an electric car. The prerequisite is that it is not a hybrid vehicle, but a purely electric vehicle, i.e. only has an electric motor installed. The legislator also sees that it is absolutely illogical to carry 2 technologies. Since electric cars have an average range of between 300 and 500 km and the fast charging network has been around for years across Europe is more than expanded, there is no longer a need for combustion technology in terms of reliability. Below we have listed the financial incentives specifically for entrepreneurs:

  • Electric cars are exempt from the NoVa.
  • There is no motor-related insurance tax.
  • For the private use of electric company cars there is no benefit in kind.
  • For entrepreneurs, a input tax deduction of a maximum of 6,667 up to the luxury tangent of 40,000 gross applies if the electric vehicles are purchased as company cars and at least 10% are used for this purpose.
  • Zusätzlich besteht die Möglichkeit, anstatt der linearen Abschreibung eine degressive Abschreibung von 30% vorzunehmen.
  • In maintenance, electric cars are ca. 30% cheaper. Any maintenance parts such as the clutch and around combustion engines such as the ignition, exhaust system, carburettor, injection system, etc. are no longer required. The electric motor is virtually maintenance-free. Battery guarantees vary between 100,000 and 240,000 km depending on the manufacturer.
  • The fuel costs from fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel (which have currently doubled) and are always directly dependent on the market price are always more expensive than electricity, which in the best case can even be generated directly at the company location with its own photovoltaic system. A kWh currently costs companies between 10 and 20 cents excl. VAT, which would amount to 2.55 euros with an average consumption of 17 kWh per 100 km for electric vehicles. With electric mopeds, for example, with a consumption of 4 kWh per 100 km, the electricity costs just 0.60 euros.
  • The insurance will be up to 10% cheaper because the perceived same electrical performance is far higher in cars with combustion engines.
  • Currently, the purchase of electric new vehicles, demonstrators and vehicles with day registration is still funded by the e-mobility offensive of the federal government and in some federal states such as Tyrol.
  • Charging infrastructure such as wall boxes or fast chargers are also funded either with 30% or fixed amounts.
  • In principle, the tax breaks apply to all emission-free vehicles, including bicycles and e-bikes.

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6 reasons more to go electric

Of course it is more ecological and cheaper if you go on foot. However, we are not comparing walking and driving; we are comparing electric cars versus diesel or petrol. Does the electric car have its nose in front everywhere?

Everyone who has ever been on the road with an electric car has to admit that it is simply much, much better. Be it acceleration from below or resting on the road. Driving an electric car is funnier .

Electric car
Petrol / Gasoline

Being on the move electrically simply means being much cheaper mobile than with a conventional car. Gone are the days when electric cars were expensive. Do you want to know how much you are saving?

Electric car
Petrol / Gasoline

There are 2,760 filling stations for diesel and petrol in Austria. Did you know that the charging network already has more than 4,000 official charging stations and that you can also charge much more conveniently at home?

Electric car
Petrol / Gasoline

With an 400 km average range on one charge and the standard quick charge function , electric cars are more than suitable for everyday use. Have you ever wondered how far you really drive every day?

Electric car
Petrol / Gasoline

Electric cars produce no emissions when in operation. You probably know that battery production is a complex process. Do you also know that the electric motor 90% saves resources compared to a gasoline engine?

Electric car
Petrol / Gasoline

Indeed, the introduction of electric cars creates more local and regional jobs than is lost. Just to convert the power grid, 200,000 new jobs will be created in Austria.

Electric car
Petrol / Gasoline