Tesla goes Retro

Glide through the city like a king. Lightning fast. Silent. Emission free.

You can only laugh about traffic jams. About gasoline prices too. Most of all you laugh at mopeds and cars that you leave behind at every intersection.

Electric power and retro design bring a driving experience that everyone will envy you. Get the scooter and save money. Drive silently through the night!

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3 - 6 kW power right from the start guarantee that you will overtake every combustion engine with a smile, even uphill at top speed.


You move silently through the city in style. But everyone will turn around when you whiz past them with your design runabout .

Super economical

Never get your hands dirty on the gas tank again. With only 40 cents per 100 km and no annoying maintenance costs, you can save up to 1,500 euros every year.

How much does it cost you?

MEL 45 km/h 25Ah 85 km/h 52Ah
Scooter, battery pack + charger RRP incl. VAT.
Dealer share e-mobility bonus 350, - (with MEL 45) or 500, - (with MEL 85)
- 420,-
- 600,-
E-Mobilitätsbonus 2021* 450,- (bei MEL 45) bzw. 700,- (bei MEL 85)
- 450,-
- 700,-
Private purchase - actual expenditure including VAT.
nur 3.120,-
nur 4.190,-

gewerblich - tatsächlicher Aufwand abzüglich AWS-Prämie & Wirtschaftsförderung Land Tirol (exkl. Mwst.)

nur 1.925,-

nur 2.525,-

*Für die Bundesförderung kann von Seiten mov-e-now UG keine Gewähr gegeben werden. Förderung ist befristet bis 31.12.2021 oder bis Ausschöpfung des Gesamtförderbudgets, je nachdem, was zuerst eintritt. Noch verfügbares Förderbudget.

Why waiting? Drive the Tesla scooter

starting from 30,- per day

starting from 2.465,-

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