Chi-Note & Di-Note


For 10 years now, Dino Eicher has been grappling intensively with mobility. Traveling around the world and networked in all continents, he sees trends and solutions long before they arrive in Europe. On the road at least once a year in China, he reports humorously and impressively at the same time on the real status quo and the mobility solutions of today that will come to us tomorrow.

Dino inspires in his lectures. If in our latitudes it is still being discussed whether an electric bus should possibly be purchased in a city, public transport in Chinese metropolises is already 100% electrified. If someone is happy about the ICE or Railjet with its 260 km / h, high-speed trains in Asia transport crowds of people within 2.5 hours over 1000 km. If major European cities complain about pickpocketing, it is practically extinct in China because no one carries cash with them when paying by smartphone.



Starting with bike-sharing solutions and the electrification of two- and three-wheelers through eCarsharing, autonomous driving and digital networking to the 100% electrification of public transport and high-speed trains, Dino illustrates forms of mobility, many of which are only available in Europe dream. In his 50-minute keynote, the expert tells of fantasies that have come true and answers questions that concern us all.

Impulsive keynote speech


will the world look like in 10 years?


Electromobility the future ?


will we move in 10 years?