More than an e-car sharing

A MobilityHUB is waiting for you in Innsbruck and the surrounding area, where electric cars of all sizes, electric mopeds, e-motorcycles, e-bikes and much more are available for you. Our vehicles are ready for you all over the city. You will meet directly at the vehicle to collect the keys. You also have the option of having your vehicle delivered to you. This is car sharing deluxe. And that is only available in Innsbruck.


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Which EV are you allowed to drive at what age?

15 - 18 years

With a valid driver's license and the consent of your parents, you can borrow our ROLLER MEL45 at any time and also borrow bicycles, e-bikes and mini scooters.

18 - 21 years

Since you are of legal age, you can borrow WEEZL and the MEL45 e-scooter as often as you like with a valid driver's license. For MEL85 you need either the B driving license with additional lessons or the A1.

21 years +

If you are already 21 and have had a car driver's license for 2 years, you can borrow WEEZL and e-AUTOS and e-ROLLER at any time. For MEL85 you also need additional lessons or the A1.

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